Who, What, & Why

Created by a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist of 6 years, EE BodyWorks is a line of bath and body products infused with hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) oil designed for pain relief and relaxation. CBD has no psychoactive properties and, unlike THC, can be sold legally in all 50 states. Receptors under the skin respond to CBD topicals and bath soaks by relaxing tight muscles, reducing stress, reducing inflammation, anxiety and localized pain. CBD oil has also been proven to help reduce psoriasis and ezcema flare ups. We use natural, organic ingredients in all of our products.

"For years I have been recommending home care treatments for my clients, including epsom salt soaks and essential oil infused topicals for pain relief. In 2015 I went to Colorado for the first time and got to purchase THC and CBD infused topicals from recreational dispensaries. These products gave me great relief from my shoulder pain caused by a pinched nerve. It was these products that inspired me to create my own! I love being able to help people and it's an amazing feeling to know people are getting real relief from pain and anxiety through products I handmake." -Emily Flynn LMT, Owner